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The Private Farm House For Rent in Hyderabad

The Property

Kaizan  The Private Farm House For Rent   in Hyderabad With Swimming Pool.

Equipped in our Kaizan  The Private Farmhouse For Rent in Hyderabad With Swimming Pool:-

- ​1BHK
- Swimming pool
- Lawn
- Air conditioning
- On-site caretaker
- Secure parking
- Complimentary Wi-Fi

What We offer
  • Discover our charming 1BHK farmhouse for rent in Hyderabad, designed for couples or small families.
  • Dive into relaxation with an inviting swimming pool, exclusively available on our farm.
  • Embrace the outdoors on our extensive lawn area, perfect for leisure and activities.
  • Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi while enjoying your farmhouse experience.
  • Rest easy with secure parking facilities for your convenience on our Hyderabad farm.
  • Keep cool in the sweltering Hyderabad climate with comfortable air conditioning in our farmhouse.
  • Enjoy personalized assistance from a dedicated on-site caretaker throughout your stay.
  • Your furry friends are more than welcome to join you and enjoy their vacation on our farm in Hyderabad.

Charges: these are standard rates 

  • 8000/-  per day for Monday to Thursday
  • 10000/-  per day for Friday to Sunday
  • Check in : 2PM
  • Check out: 11 AM

frequently asked questions

What type of accommodation does Kaizan offer?

Kaizan offers an elegantly designed 1BHK (1 Bedroom Hall Kitchen) farm house, spacious and contemporary, with unique themed rooms, perfect for couples or small families.

Are pets allowed at Kaizan?

Yes, we welcome your furry companions to enjoy a vacation at Kaizan. Your pets can have their own vacation with us!

What are the check-in and check-out timings at Kaizan?

Check-in time at Kaizan is from 2:00 PM, and check-out time is at 11:00 AM. Kindly adhere to these timings to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.

Do you provide Wifi Internet connectivity?

Yes! we provide complimentary Wi-Fi to keep you connected during your stay.

What are the rental charges at Kaizan for weekdays and weekends?

  Weekdays (Monday to Thursday): The standard rental charge ranges from 6k to 8k per night.

Weekends (Friday to Sunday): The standard rental charge is 1k per night.

Please note that these are our standard prices, and rates may vary depending on specific dates and promotions.

What amenities are available at Kaizan's private farm house?

Kaizan's private farm house offers the following amenities:

1BHK accommodation, Swimming pool, Lawn area, Air conditioning (AC), On-site caretaker for your assistance during your stay

Can we receive assistance from caretakers?

Absolutely! We have a  dedicated caretaker ready to assist you.

Can I host events or parties at Kaizan?

Kaizan is designed for a peaceful and tranquil experience, and we do not permit parties or events that may disrupt the serene atmosphere. Please respect our property policies.

Is there secure parking available for guests?

Yes, we offer secure parking facilities for our guests at no additional cost.

Is the place reachable by Ola and Uber?

Yes, the location is easily accessible via Ola and Uber.

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